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Church of St. John the Baptist was built in 1671-1687. It is one of the few architectural monuments of the 17th century in Yaroslavl that were built with support from local parishioners and donors. The largest cathedral in Yaroslavl, it still stays one of the most remarkable buildings in the city. The cathedral has two aisles that are topped with closely located five-headed domes. The height of the aisles equals to the height of the central building; so if you look from the east the church resembles 15-headed cathedral with 5-apsis altar. The exterior of the church strikes with diversity and splendor of décor, dominated by figured brick from two brick factories of the city. The Yaroslavl team of painters led by Dmitry Plekhanov and Fedor Ignatyev painted the cathedral walls in 1694-1695. Paintings include more than 1,5 thousand motifs, – the largest such ensemble in Yaroslavl and, by some calculations, in the Orthodox world.
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