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The Governor’s House was erected on the Volga embankment at the order of the Emperor Alexander I; it served as a residence for the governor and the en route imperial palace. All Russian emperors from Alexander I to Nikolay II visited Yaroslavl and lived in the house. Since 1970 the Governor’s House serves as the main building of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, holds its unique collection and has the special atmosphere of encounter with Russian and foreign art, serves as a venue for concerts of classical and modern music. The museum complex is located in the UNESCO area of the city and is represented by several buildings and park areas in the historical city center. The Governor’s Garden was laid out in 1821-1825. After the revolution of 1917 the configuration of the garden changed and it became a children amusement park and a playground. In 1989 the Yaroslavl Art Museum received the right for the garden and started restoration of its historical appearance. Nowadays the park has become the outdoor museum with the exposition Sculpture in plein-air.
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