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Yaroslavl Strelka (Spit) is a place where the history of the city started. Nowadays it is a part of one of the most beautiful Volga embankments in Russia, with a huge flower-bed representing Yaroslavl coat-of-arms made by Yaroslavl florists. Here you will see the Millennium Monument dedicated to the jubilee of the city, with sculptures of many Yaroslavl prominent people who contributed much to the history of Yaroslavl. Strolling along wide paths of the Volga Embankment in daytime you will hear the voice of musical fountains and in the evenings enjoy the light and music show. Strelka will give you the impression of the city in all its beauty and magnificence. This place has a unique peculiarity: from any place the view will be spectacular. You will see great panoramas being on the upper level of Strelka, or on the lower part of the shore.
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