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Assumption Cathedral is one of the most ancient cathedrals of Yaroslavl; it had been laid down at the beginning of the 13th century at the order of Prince Konstantin. The Assumption Cathedral was more than once destroyed by fire and then rebuilt; in 1937 it had been blown down and a park was laid out on the place. Nowadays on the upper level of the Volga Embankment you can see the restored cathedral, with its white stone walls and golden domes. The interior of the cathedral is carefully recreated. Large-scale icon painting and several honored relics catch the eye: relics of Faithful Saint Princes Vasily and Konstantin of Yaroslavl (the relics were discovered during reconstruction of the cathedral) and duplication of the honored Yaroslavl Icon of the Mother of God. Assumption Cathedral in Yaroslavl shines with glaring gold of its five domes and dazzles the eye with incredible whiteness of walls against the blue Volga skies. Inside the cathedral the central dome 50 meters high attracts attention – the sun rays go through the long narrow windows and illuminate the interior with ever changing play of light and shadow. On the basement floor of the cathedral there is a museum dedicated to its history.
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