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Author’s excursion by Yulia Zavarskaya The excursion is devoted to the historical center of Yaroslavl, which is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will see the most famous Church of St. Elijah the Prophet with well-preserved frescoes, the most beautiful streets of Yaroslavl built according to the urban development of the 18-19th centuries, Church of St. Nicholas Nadein (where Fedor Volkov, the founder of the first Russian theatre, was the parishioner), House of Volkov, Governor’s House, convents and monasteries of Yaroslavl. You will know about the regular town-planning structure created according to the urban reform of Catherine the Great; about Yaroslavl tram and many other interesting facts of Yaroslavl history. Excursion for individuals 850 rubles Excursion for groups 550 rubles Only weekends
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